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School of Art offers programs designed for students with varied interests and abilities. Course work is structured for both those who expect to become professionals and those whose interests mainly lie in art as a vocation, or as a means toward esthetic fulfillment.

The school has shown steady growth since its establishment in 1997. Our faculty has concentrated its efforts on education and research in order to expand on our great potential for producing creative talents for the culture and design industries of the future.

Today's society emphasizes the value of aesthetics and cultural foundations in the industries. Our lecturers in all departments work with passion and tireless efforts in their teaching to answer society's needs. Coupled with a great crop of enthusiastic students, our school strives to reach excellence in the future. The School of Art will fulfill its promise to raise creative leaders with strong professionalism and practicality, who will lead Korean culture in the global society.

Programs & Degree Finder

Programs & Degree Finder
Discipline Bachelor Master Ph.D Combined Bachelor-Master Combined Master-Ph.D
Fine Arts O O   O  
Design O O O O O
Dance O O O O O
Film, TV, and Multimedia O O O O O
Acting for Theatre, Film, and TV O O   O  
Fashion Design O O O O O
Studies of Art (Interdisciplinary)   O O O O
Interdisciplinary Info Design   O      
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